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Cory Surfboards is a surfboard manufacturing business established by shaper Cory Russell in Ocean Grove Victoria over twenty-five years ago. They produce a comprehensive range of surfboards of the highest quality.

Cory asked us to provide creative direction for his company and our first task was to build a cohesive brand statement that would embody twenty-five years of experience and skill. We continue to work in partnership with Cory Surfboards, and provide creative direction and communication design services.

We created a comprehensive brand and communication design package, including: brand development and platform; visual communication strategy; identity design; collateral applications; illustration; photography; web design; web development and style guide for future visual communication applications.

Our pivotal task was to refresh the company’s identity. We reasoned that the core values and aspirations of the brand could be distilled into one essential aim – to be dynamic and dependable – and our identity concept encapsulates these dual aspirations.

We created the logo using a combination of two squares: one stable, one dynamic. The brand name is stacked into a block, and expresses a dependable foundation at the cornerstone of a dynamic presence. It retains the long-established square format of the company’s previous logo for continuity, but reduces the graphic information to create a concise, bold and highly legible brand statement.


Brand development

Art direction and photography

One of the most pleasurable things we do is collaborate with other creative professionals.

We worked closely with photographer Ed Sloane to capture the people and places that contribute to the Cory Surfboards story.


The new website for Cory Surfboards is currently under development. These layouts are a preview of what we have in store for the surfing community in the near future. We are creating an extensive website that enables a comprehensive overview of their product range, as well as communicating the history, philosophy, ambition and genuine love of surfing that informs everything they do.


Inspired by the great skateboard art of the 1980s, we developed a line of illustrated graphics for Cory in homage to the subculture that warped a generation of creative minds. These playful decals create a point of difference on the often white surfboards, whilst designating the various models across the range.