The Equity Toolkit


Creative direction
Brand development
Digital design
Graphic design


The Equity Toolkit is a curated online resource enabling equity analysts to construct their own investment framework of mental models, to improve their processes and strategies.

We were asked to develop a comprehensive brand package and worked closely with our client to establish the brand’s platform and devise a visual communication strategy. We then delivered the identity design, including logo, typography and colour palette; tagline; collateral applications; additional sub-graphic elements; web design and style guide for future visual communication applications.

During development, we focussed on the idea that a ‘kit’, regardless of its contents, is essentially an assembly of elements. We distilled the Equity Toolkit into a succinct concept: One resource, infinite potential.

From the word go, the idea of frames, configured in a multi-dimensional lattice, was central to our client’s vision of their brand. This inspired the form of an open cube, and because the ‘tools’ referred to in the brand name are mostly amorphous principles and concepts, we designed an abstract logo to symbolise the group of elements comprising the ‘kit’.

The brand identity presents the toolkit as an orderly, accessible assembly of resources.
Our implied cube appears incomplete, precisely because it is constantly under construction, and with boundless capacity for reconfiguration, the Equity Toolkit invites analysts to discover, learn, build and invest.


Brand development


Our client was committed to developing and maintaining their own website. We were happy to provide digital design services for the user interface (UI) within the parameters of the platform they had chosen.