Art direction
Communication design
Content development
Digital design and UX
Video production


Iconic Australian brand Driza-Bone approached us to develop a range of communication strategies to help refresh perceptions of their brand and promote their collection of contemporary garments to a new audience.

Driza-Bone have been in the business of outfitting people for anything the weather has in store since 1898. Our objective was to connect contemporary outdoor lifestyles with the quality and rugged reliability that is synonymous with this famous brand.

We reasoned simply that the more things change, the more they stay the same – the wind is still cold, the rain is still wet and people still need to work and play outside. So we set out to celebrate Driza-Bone’s extraordinary story by inviting a new generation of outdoor types to write the next chapter.

Working within Driza-Bone’s existing brand identity, we developed concepts and produced content that was applied across a variety of print; web; social media and point of sale channels.


In addition to our communication design work, Driza-Bone asked us to produce an artwork that would reflect the skill and craftsmanship that defines their iconic range of outerwear. We chose a traditional drawing medium and produced a richly textured charcoal drawing of one of their contemporary pieces.

Art direction and photography

We recruited professional surf photographer Ed Sloane to become an ambassador for the brand, reasoning that he was a contemporary example of the people whose livelihoods depend upon the elements and who have long been associated with Driza-Bone. We worked with Ed to produce a variety of content, including road-testing Driza-Bone gear on location on the chilly southwest coast of Victoria and in the tropical Philippines.

Copy writing

We created a range of slogans and wrote copy for the web and print advertising.

Content development

We developed web page layouts and designed content to celebrate Driza-Bone’s heritage and embrace present-day outdoor lifestyles and occupations to expand the story of the brand.

In application

Electronic Direct Mailers; web; video; print advertising

Social media

We explored the outdoors. From the chilly south to the tropical north, we visited beach, farm and forest to produce content that connected the Driza-Bone story with adventure past and present.