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Gunduwa Regional Conservation Association was formed to enable members working on conservation initiatives to achieve greater results together, and over a larger area, than they could working alone. Gunduwa is located in the mid-west of Western Australia.

We were asked to create Gunduwa’s brand identity, including: logo design; typography; colour palette; stationery templates and a comprehensive style guide.

Gunduwa takes its name from the Indigenous language of the region, and is the local Badimaya word for echidna. We visited the stunning Gunduwa landscape and our experience of the country inspired much of the concept development behind the brand identity.

The membership of Gunduwa is diverse, and we arrived at a simple statement that neatly encapsulates the structure and aspirations of the organisation: many hands.

These hands are central to our logo design. They define the echidna and reference human co-operation, as well as the capacity to nurture and frame a vision for the future of the natural environment. The hands also pay tribute to the ancient rock art of the region, and acknowledge the significance of the Indigenous community and their connection to the land.

We are pleased to maintain an ongoing partnership with Gunduwa, and continue to provide visual communication design services as required for print and online applications. 


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