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Blues for the Bush is a biennial arts festival held on Charles Darwin Reserve in the mid-west of Western Australia. It is a unique celebration of country, conservation and community, all wrapped up in the music of an extraordinary array of world-class talent.

We’ve been with Blues for the Bush since its inception in 2013, when we were approached to develop the brand identity package and deliver a comprehensive range of communication design products, including: website, templates for stationery applications, brochures, booklets, banners, posters, flyers, tickets and print advertising.

We conceived the logo for Blues for the Bush as a playful expression of the nocturnal, artistic dimension of the event, when people from all parts of the land come together in celebration to dance in the moonlight. It is a reference to the predominantly ‘roots’ music performed at the concert, and a metaphor for the foundation the event provides in support of the organisations involved and the growth of the natural environment.

The logo has become something of a cult favourite in the wilds of Western Australia, and has even been immortalised in tattoo ink. Now four festivals deep and counting, we continue to provide a comprehensive range of communication design services in partnership with Blues for the Bush. 

Many thanks to our Blues for the Bush associates Anton Blume and Tony Tropiano
for their photographic contributions.